LIVE MUSIC 11.20.22

LIVE MUSIC 11.20.22

Join us 11.20.22 @ 6:30pm

CaTMA presents and evening of listening $15

Ambient Improv Trio :
Lori Goldston, cello, 


Classically trained and rigorously de-trained, possessor of a restless, semi-feral spirit, Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher from  Seattle. Her voice as a cellist, amplified or acoustic, is full, textured, committed and original. A relentless inquirer, her work drifts freely across borders that separate genre, discipline, time and geography.

Suki O'Kane, percussion, 


Oakland-based musician, composer, improviser and instigator, Suki O’Kane works with artists from a wide array of music, movement, expanded cinema and public art genres. She is a student of monumental and durational forms, combining Jurassic electronics, everyday objects and found sounds to create noisy, hand held miniatures.

Rae Diamond, vocals, 


Rae Diamond is an artist and educator living on Coast Salish land, who weaves language, voice, breath, and other sounds, movement, and things found outside into sensory experiences designed to stimulate attunement with nature.

Ben Kamen, songs and sounds,

Over the past two decades, Ben Kamen has created music for a variety of formats and genres — from chamber music to multi- channel sound installations to folk and post-rock. Originally from Ohio, Kamen has lived in Olympia since 2006, where he teaches electronic music composition at The Evergreen State College and develops musical instrument apps, including the drum machine “Patterning.”

Liquid Letters ,sound lecture,


Composed for improvisation, a liquid letters set consists of live improvised composition with electronics and various other instruments or voice.