LIVE MUSIC 12.18.23 $10 730pm

LIVE MUSIC 12.18.23 $10 730pm

Sophia Nothing, Discount World, Unity Garnish (portland), Nick Podgurski (new york)

UNITY GARNISH is a platform for artworks composed and produced by Derek Blackstone and Sam Klickner. Often referred to in shorthand as UG, the Portland based duo has established an obtuse identity online and irl, combining elaborately detailed composition with nearly irresponsible electronic collage, gratuitous inside-joking and self-reference. The two are also visual art collaborators; Klickner being an established illustrator and designer known for his maximalist digital airbrush style and Blackstone a compulsively organized archivist and photographer--- their releases, live performances and online presence are accompanied by their profuse visual artworks, costumes and memes. Unity Garnish's new single "STEAM" is out now on New York label A New Age for New Age.

NICK PODGURSKI is a New York based musician, composer, and educator. He is a former full-time member of Extra Life, GRID (with bassist Tim Dahl and saxophonist Matt Nelson), and the band Yukon. He has collaborated with such artists as Lydia Lunch, Jessica Pavone, Tristan Kasten-Krause, Colin Marston, and others.
Solo he is known for long ambient keyboard works. Notable recordings include: Living Mithridate (2015), The True Character of Time (2020), Felt In a Flashing Light That Illumines The Desert (2020), deep drone trilogy First Snow/Fourth Field/Night Prayer (2022), and Invisible Gift (2022).
Since 2020 he has been composing for/collaborating with small ensembles. MONAD: for ensemble a NYFA commission with violist Jessica Pavone, bassist Tristan Kasten-Krause, and vibraphonist Cory Bracken and Secret In The Heart, a duo with violinist Zach Paul (Touch Music), are well documented examples.
Podgurski is the sole consistent member of Feast of the Epiphany, a group who has reinvented itself continually since 2009. Feast of the Epiphany creates uniquely challenging and singular music. Its concerns are derived from and oriented precisely towards the members of each specific iteration of the group. A kind of functioning anarchism; past members include: Andrew Smiley, Caley Monahon-Ward, Cameron Wisch, Tony Geballe, Matt Kanelos, Kevin Hufnagel, etc. Now an electronic quartet, it consists of Sam Garrett (Voice Coils), Tony Gedrich (Extra Life/STATS), and Cory Bracken (American Football). The group is currently planning performances and recording for 2024. Notable releases include: Temperance (2012), Practicing Loss (2018), and Significance (2023).
New Firmament (an umbrella for performance, production, recordings, events, education and workshops) is currently presenting work on creative strategy, groups, and developing individual and collective creative vision when and where invited.

DISCOUNT WORLD Annoying Handmade Electronics

SOPHIA NOTHING Experimental catharsis of sound and movement