LIVE MUSIC : 12-21-22

LIVE MUSIC : 12-21-22


Lindsey Boldt is a poet, songwriter, playwright, and author of Weirding, Overboard, and several chapbooks including Titties for Lindsey and There Are No Cops in America and the Streets are Paved w/ Cheese. She works as editorial director of Nightboat Books and lives in Olympia, Washington on Squaxin and Nisqually Land.


Neve Angeline North is a multimedia, cross-genre author and artist who lives in Olympia, WA. She has published five books, the most recent being Careful Mountain (Civil Coping Mechanism, 2016), Sea Witch (Inside the Castle, 2020), and Rainbear!!!!!!! (Apocalypse Party, 2022). Her work deal with dreams, queerness, and the mystical. She is only at


(b.1990) Originally from Kyiv, olga works in the (intersectional/textual) liminal spaces of photography, word, translation, and installation. Her work is surrounded by, and surrounds, memory, dream spaces, inheritance, (dis)place, and the construction of language. She co-founded and co-curated Desuetude Press, and is currently a student in the creative writing MFA at UC San Diego. Her first chapbook cities as fathers is forthcoming with Tilted House in 2023.

McCloud ZICMUSE, solo

McCloud Zicmuse was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1973, lived in Olympia 1999-2006 but is currently Prince Carnaval of Schaarbeek, Belgium, thy home for the past 14 years
Although proficient in a number of domains: letterpress printing, drawing, sculpture, textile design, pottery, cooking, instrument building, parading, etc... McCloud is known by most as a musician.

Starting out as a mediocre bass player at a middle school talent show in 1986, McCloud has not stopped: fingerpicking the guitar, screeching on the clarinet & saxophone, oompa-oompa-ing on a bassoon, dabbling in piano, strumming a hommel (a traditional Flemish folk instrument), making toots, twangs & snaps on a variety of handmade creations & last bust not least: using the voice. Pluri-form & pluridisciplinary, McCloud produces pluri-genre sound stories: from folk to soul, from jazz to doo wop, from thrash to opera, from electro to drone, whatever it takes to share the message of the ephemeral moment.

This eclectic approach to composition has led to a few projects that, while not well known, are still worthy of looking up on the internet: Le Ton Mité, Hoquets, The Lover BE, Linus Vandewolken & a current project: Prins Zonder Carnaval.

Guided musical tour of the Prinsdom of Schaarbeek: 

A recent video at a Brussels radio station (in English)