PILLOW TALK : 13 Artists on Intimate Conversation

PILLOW TALK : 13 Artists on Intimate Conversation

Even if you think you have no more wall space for art, CaTMA has you covered with “PILLOW TALK,” opening this weekend, October 6-7.

Join us during Olympia’s ARTS WALK for the opening of our newest art exhibit “PILLOW TALK”, a group show of 13 artists with Arrington de Dionyso, Austin Davis, Celery Jones, China Faith Star, Elliot Kurtz, Fin Umbra, Jahla Brown, Jo Stiehl, Lucy Gentry, Sage Rogers, Shane Donaldson, Sylvie Sovina and Tom Fath. You can view the article by Molly Walsh about this show in Oly Arts Magazine page 13.

This is an experimental group show inspired by intimate conversation; with 13 Artists committed to participating blindly in this exhibit, not knowing what would be asked of them until we had reached enough artists. The artists were asked to pick up an object provided by the gallery, given the name of the show and the prompt, “the artists response to the topic of intimate conversation,” and a month to produce a work of art and return it to the gallery for install. Now here we are, waiting for you to come enjoy the fruits of our labors.

When we think about pillow talk, it’s usually in reference to the giggly moments of chatter and heartfelt sharing akin to those at a sleepover, or the first romantic and intimate moments of a new love interest, or the timeless dream sharing of those who are close, but there is another type of intimate conversation. It’s something every artist experiences differently, the intimate conversations we have with our work. It’s a conversation that is on going and unexpected.

Inspiration, doubt, wrestling with skill and leveling up and pushing the boundaries of our own imaginations. It’s a mysterious dance that we then use our hands and senses to translate into something others can relate to.

Part of this show has been a mystery for everyone involved. Points where even we here at the gallery didn’t know what to expect, as the artists were bound to very few parameters. Many of the artists themselves embarked onto one idea and then arrived at a new destination. And somehow we have managed to play with the process of secrecy, up until the final moment. Now the experience is yours to enjoy, participate in, and leave with a piece of. As that is very much what art is, a piece of a moment in time defined by another human living a lifetime, for our enjoyment.

Join Us this weekend for Arts Walk and the opening of “Pillow Talk” and please continue to visit us during open hours, viewable on our home page.