QUANTUM UNTANGLEMENT is an International Arts Exhibition featuring the PAINTINGS of The Students of Haitian Artist Leonce Love, co-founder of the Timoun Rezistans Art School in Gran-Rue, Haiti paired with a special installation and gallery collaboration with Dancer and Performance Artist Frances Ney (France/Olympia) entailing taking Francis' interactive performance piece THE COMMON THREAD and turning it into a static installation that can be performed with at will. In addition to the visual art exhibition, this show will also feature video and a schedule of live performances as well as some random acts of performance in our gallery front window.

This exhibit has been curated as a form of ritual untangling of the ancestral and inherited trauma's that colonialism embodied onto the Haitian people and the modern descendants of France. The conceptual aspects of the title of the show stem from the physics understanding of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT, the phenomenon whereby a pair of particles are generated in such a way that the individual quantum states of each are indefinite until measured, and the act of measuring one determines the result of measuring the other, even when at a distance from each other. Essentially, this equates to the understanding that atoms can be tied together across time and space, entangled with each other even across light years. Similarly, the expression of peoples and culture, the oppression and victory, that live embedded within both Haitian and French culture have been tied together in this way. Now is the time to untangle this entanglement and open up our own USA perspectives to how repair of the past needs to be both an at home and global endeavour.

Leonce Love

Artist, curator, computer teacher, Love Léonce makes every effort to help the children of Grand Rue to have a future, including feeding them after each lesson. Recycling waste into art. Love has exhibited her own work on several occasions. Through Facebook, he finds customers whose art supply donations are documented in photos, from open packaging to finished art. Love also oversees the completion of a computer room where computer skills and network access can be taught to young artists. Sales of his own art help to continue his efforts.

Frances Ney

My preference for exploring a concept pairs well with the practice of Butoh. Butoh has led me through the spaces in between myself and the world. What is referred to as "Ma" in the practice. Unable to define myself exactly and certainly not the ever changing world around me, obsessed with the concept of connection, I slipped into the cracks my environment could provide. I've understood my research was one of an artist because of this wanting something else than what societal laws allow in terms of communication. Trying to invent a language that would escape the preconceived ideas of ourselves as human beings. Trying to find what is it that we crave and need behind the social mask.

It was birthed as a duet in december 2019, three months before the pandemic hit and I picked it up again in 2021 when it naturally fulfilled the purpose of "reweaving the social fabric" that had been torn with this global trauma. It was choreographed for several dancers and I also toured it as a solo. Bridging our loneliness with connection is what this piece is about.

The piece entitled "Dissociation" is the evil twin of the Common Thread, about the disconnection from one's self due to trauma, not excluding the possibility of transformation but exploring what happens when that gap occurs within one's psyche/body.