SONIC INTERLACE : 4.26.24 @ 9PM $10

SONIC INTERLACE : 4.26.24 @ 9PM $10


Adam Roszkiewicz


A multi-instrumentalist who defies categorization. Possibly one of the best folk guitarists in the West. That alone would be enough, but he is also a creative electronic artist who wields modular and hardware synths to paint sound textures punctuated with elemental tones.


Sam Smith


SSS (Sam Smith) is a multi-instrumentalist based out of Olympia, WA who has been making instrumental recordings since 1999.  Through various approaches from acoustic to electronic, his emphasis is on creating layers of rhythmic patterns, shifting grooves, and hypnotizing instrumental landscapes.

Acacia Komodo and Carmela


This duo originates from Turtle Island and have been creative beings for most of their lives.

They create ambient dance music — in an attempt to communicate with the reptilian conscious. Our musical approach is inspired by amphibious creatures, reptiles, deep sea lifeforms, intermolecular forces and entropy.  Acacia & Carmela’s love of organic life and beauty inspires their passion of exploration within music. “We hope to summon tigers, newts and volcano snails amongst other insects and animals who inspire us.”



Abel Zyl (organizer, producer)

Abel has been writing and performing music since age 15. He was eventually drawn into performing arts in Olympia, and over the past 20 years has taken part in hundreds of productions: Music, dramatic theatre, circus arts, cabaret, audio production, theatrical lighting, and videography. A founding member of Tallhouse Arts Consortium, and performed trapeze and aerial rope with the troupe.  As a musician, he performed in the groups Carabolyn, Redhead 22,,and Disco Diabolique. Currently, he performs his own live synth compositions as ZyphoniQ. Abel is also a seasoned DJ, operating under the nomers DJ Second Date and ZyphoniQ.

“There are many lifetimes laid in a web before us. I chose the musical one, and it has altered me in ways that are stark, beautiful, painfully spiked with sensations, and liltingly colorful.”