ESPRIT DE FEMME : the feminist art of Sherron Hughes and Tristen Jane

ESPRIT DE FEMME : the feminist art of Sherron Hughes and Tristen Jane

CaTMA's initial exhibit is a reflection of the femme spirit that resides across gender in our human drive to birth something new, whether that be physical or conceptual.

The care and loving intention of creating artwork is similar to the way life itself is generated, a combination of trust, dedication, intuition, vision all amalgamated with physical action.

The time transcendent work of Sherron Hughes, made during a physical lifetime which she has now ascended from, reflects how in life, her connection to a source greater than herself, her experiences with surviving death, her work sharing art with the houseless through free workshops, all infuse into her work as an artist dedicated to capturing the spirit of her own life experience with the divine.

The sculptural work of Tristen Jane also addresses both the concepts of a greater spirit and a renewal of life through the repurposing of discarded artifacts, reassembled into objects of worship and remembrance, capturing a relationship with bringing the outer source into the physical body, embodying the spirit within.

This first exhibition is a result of that very question. A glimpse into the inner workings of two lifetime artists dedicated to honing their craft and bringing forth something beautiful, regardless of whether or not it would ever be seen by the public. This work of the unassuming artist is often referred to as Naive Art, Outsider Art or Folk Art, but this is not a true grouping for many dedicated artists who currently reside outside of the scope of the "Art World." The previous genres refer to the untrained artist, self taught and uninformed by a greater legacy of art evolution.

In the case of S. Hughes and T. Jane, though both self-taught, a firm grasp of history and representation throughout art, culture and religion is present in both the attention to traditional craftsmanship and the didactic building upon pop contemporary culture from philosophy to fashion. These concepts emerge from the work as intentional instead of secondary; as specifically responsive to the roles women in society play as mother, mistress, martyr, saint.

- China Star, Curator

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